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Wedding dresses, rental and our prices.

Still not sure how to get started?
You probably have many questions. The Wedding'Secret team tries to help you in everything.

Book an appointment

It is absolutely necessary to book an appointment in our salon before you visit us. This is possible by phone or in writing.
Are you only good at weekends or evening hours? Don't worry, we are flexible at your disposal. 


What are you getting ready for?

Ideas: Bring images or styles that inspire you.

Companions: The presence of one or two friends or family members can be helpful in decision-making.

Comfortable clothing: Light clothing is recommended for rehearsals.

Accessories: If you have ideas, share them with us.


Renting and buying and how much does it cost?

In our dress salon, we offer both rental and purchase options, so that every bride can find the best solution for her:

Rental: A perfect choice for those who are looking for a cost-effective solution or who want disposable clothes. We offer a wide variety of rental options, including the latest trends and classic styles. Our prices: 200,000-500,000 HUF

Shopping: If you want an eternal memory of the big day, shopping can be the best choice. Our salon has a wide selection of exclusive designer dresses, among which every bride can find the dress of her dreams. Our prices: 350,000-900,000 HUF.

For both options, we provide a personalized service to ensure that every detail is perfect. Our expert team is ready to help you make the best decision, whether it's renting or buying.


Dimensions and individual needs

In our dress salon, we pay special attention to the unique measurements and needs of each bride. 

Customized sizes: Our professional tailors carefully process the sizes we provide, ensuring a perfect fit.

Individual needs: We also consider special requests, such as color, material, or design changes, so that the dress fully reflects your ideas.

On-time delivery: We ensure that the dress is ready at the agreed time, even in the case of individual requests.

Post-production and fine-tuning: During the final rehearsals, we meticulously carry out the necessary fine-tuning so that everything is perfect on the big day.

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